The ability to create and destroy, to save and abandon, and to wound and heal are the defining moments of life.  My work investigates the calm living with the chaos, and attempts to create a space for ideas about destructive events over time and throughout history.  These are communicated through the tear, break, weave, and mend of each artwork within abstracted form, line, and environment. Jagged edges divide solid color from faint gestures; overlapping ridges are deciphered by light and shadow; and tone and temperature shifts in shapes come together while also being separated in a tattered cartographic tapestry within paintings, sculpture, and video.

Line is a means of connection, but also a divisive tactic. The viewer finds their way through the tangled intersections, hopefully to a place of compassion and resolution, and is given the opportunity to contemplate what they experience within each work.  Line communication is deciphered by type and qualities present, to involve a deeper and sometimes personal examination of human interaction.