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The ability to create and destroy, rescue and abandon, or wound and heal are the defining moments of life.  My work investigates deafening pain caused by the rupture and repair of human interaction.  Healing can sometimes be as traumatic as the initial impact itself, and with concerns about conflicts between the Abrahamic Traditions, gender inequalities, and prejudices, I am pushed into a variety of materials and scale.  However, always focused on creating a cathartic, meditative space.

An atmosphere of colors, textures, and shapes encourage the viewer to get a closer look, and find nuances to make them stay a while.  In my painting, collage, and sculpture practices, surfaces and materials are torn and ultimately layered and woven back together. As I develop each piece, I find the artwork asserts itself as much as it is guided by my hand.  Making choices within an indefinite state of progress, forces intuition and surface to dictate the next move. Using a range of materials also allows me to layer contemporary expression over historical references.

While the work pulsates between substantial and tenuous, hints emerge to making them appear as one. While paintings and ceramics develop over time, my collages and mixed media sculptures are a way to quickly translate thoughts about the “now.”  Materials chosen bring the old and new together, but also communicate my thoughts for the viewers’ intimate experience.

Small Works Exhibit, Letty Nowak Gallery and The Galleries of Key West, FL, November 2017
Last Call, Carolyn Wilson Gallery, Tampa, FL, April 2017
41st Annual Juried Exhibition, Carolyn Wilson Gallery, Tampa, FL, March 2017 -
Art Talk at Parks Lincoln in their new Showroom/Gallery Thursday, February 9, 2017, 6-8pm Art Talk with Rhonda Massel Donovan event Art Talk Facebook post
Juried Showcase, Fusion Art Online, November 2016
Bank of America Showcase Bank of America downtown Tampa September/October 2016
Parks Lincoln is sponsoring Rhonda Massel Donovan with an August 2016 - Present, ongoing exhibition in their new Showroom-Gallery.  They held a recent Art Talk for the artist to explain her processes and thoughts behind art-making. Parks Lincoln Tampa installation their showroom/gallery
Red Door #5 held it's debut Gallery Opening August 2016, featuring Rhonda Massel Donovan in a group show for three emerging artists.  Her work including paintings, collage, and tapestry paintings.
Tampa's historic Fire Station #5 held their Grand Re-Opening July 2016 after extensive rennovation, and creation of newest Tampa Gallery.  Rhonda Massel Donovan was one of four artists included to exhibit artwork for the event. Tampa Fire Station #5 Museum/Art Gallery · Tampa, Florida Tampa's Historic Fire Station No. 5 is being restored and transformed into an art gallery and event space in the Tampa Heights/Seminole Heights area
Theatrum Mundi: The Big and Crazy Show, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL, April 2016 Exhibition, Lost Galleries, New Port Richey, FL, March-April 2016 As They Come, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL, exhibited and co-curated, January 2016 Juried Show, Fabric, Centre Gallery, Tampa, FL, November 2015 Future of Tampa, Tree of Life, Downtown Partnership, Tampa, FL, November 2014 Tree of Life, The American Institute of Architects Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL, October 2014 Backbone Juried Show, Painting the Light, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL, September 2014


Hearts on Fire song image, These Winter Nights, band, 2017

Juror and Guest Speaker, Focus Academy art exhibition; 2017

Thread magazine, Volume 11, 2017, print version

Featured in August 2016 issue of Campus Toast

Juror and Guest Speaker, Focus Academy art exhibition; 2016


Studio Assistant to Kate Kinder, February-April 2017

Fillerup by Thomas Kong, Coco Hunday, Tampa, FL, organizers Dan Miller and Jason Lazarus, Co-curated by Dawn Grayford, Nadia Ivanova, Rhonda Massel Donovan, Libbi Ponce, Jessi Ramirez, and Emiliano Settecasi, March-May 2016 Full documentation here:

The Music Box Tampa Bay, Studio and location assistant, New Orleans Airlift, Community Stepping Stones, Live Work Studios, and Tory Tepp, March-May 2016

Museum At Work, Internship, USF Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL, May-August 2015

National Safety Conference Booth Design and Installation, Full Safety, Safety Equipment Company, Orlando, FL, May 1994