The ability to create and destroy, rescue and abandon, or wound and heal are the defining moments of life.  My work investigates calm with chaos, and attempts to develop a meditative space through form and color. Jagged edges divide solid shapes from faint gestures; overlapping ridges are deciphered by light and shadow; and the composition unites while also separating into a tattered cartographic tapestry.  The rupture and repair shifts, leaving physical or implied remnants of line, which can join or be an instrument of isolation. The viewer finds their way through the tangled conflation of ideas, intended to express an unspecified human spirit. Each piece asserts itself, as much as it is guided, allowing choices in the midst of an indefinite condition. The tenuous relationships produce their own rhythm, which in turn orchestrate a motion toward harmony.

Thoughts of discord provoke a desire for solutions, which become the unifying elements. New works sometimes stand on their own, but sometimes become material for the next iteration. Deconstructing and reconstructing also provides an opportunity to repurpose discarded materials or previous works, revitalizing the spirit of what was before with a fresh surface or structure.